Bing Bros Catering

Have Bing Bros cater your party / event!  We require 24-hours advance notice for all catering orders. 

Bings come cut in half, so if the total count is one, you will receive 2 halves of that Bing.

To put in a catering order, please call 808-777-0172 –or- email


EZ Platter Feeds (5 PAX)

1x Chicken Bing

1x Steak Bing

1x Pork Belly Bing

1x LG Chx Banh Ala carte 

1x Char siu Banh Menu 

Price $50.00 (SAVE $10.05)

Ala Carte Total $60.05

Deluxe Platter Feeds (7 PAX)

1x The Works Bing

1x All American Bing

1x Philly Bing

1x LG Chicken Bing

1x FC Steak Bing

1x LG Chx Banh

1x Char Siu Banh

Price $80.00 (SAVE $12.75)

Ala Carte Total $92.75


Choose (2) Flavors Between:  Tiger’s Blood, Ramune, Melona, Kyoho Grape, Butter Beer (Harry Potter Inspired) 

Price $20.00 (SAVE $4.50)

Ala Carte Total $24.50

Ala Carte

Chicken: $20.00 Per pound

Charsiu: $35.00 Per pound

Steak: $35.00 Per pound

Lemongrass Chicken: $30.00 Per pound

Fire Cracker Steak: $40.00 Per pound

Rice: $5.00 Per pound