Our Bing Bros Story

While working in Shanghai, China, I was constantly overwhelmed by brand new aromas and tastes coming from every direction. It didn’t take long for me to stumble into one of the many Jian Bing stalls peppered throughout the city. It was a street vendor with a circular cast-iron skillet, several ingredients within arms-reach of the lady running it, and not much else aside from that. I was never a big fan of crepes, so I was ready to walk right past it as I did with countless other vendors during that time. But the line was so long and the smell was so distinct and unique. I had to stay and see what the commotion was all about.
Jian Bing instantly became an everyday thing for me. Sometimes even twice a day. After returning home to Honolulu, I tried and failed many times to recreate my new favorite snack. It took several recipes, translators, and scrambled clumps of batter to get the recipe to where it is now. We hope that you’ll enjoy these Bings just as much as we do!

How we do it?